2018 Kuso Game Jam  at Taipei, Taiwan.


這是一個以當前熱門的夾娃娃機做為主題的模擬遊戲,請注意音量。挑戰在這人力 UFO 上取得最好的戰果。


  1. 空白鍵 - 開始移動/開始下降
  2. 方向鍵 - 移動 UFO
  3. Z/X 鍵 - 連續打擊來夾起物品


This is an UFO catcher simulator. Do your best to control your human powered-UFO.


  1. Press 'Space' to start a new round.
  2. Use 'Arrows' to move your UFO catcher.
  3. Press 'Space' again to launch the UFO.
  4. Then you have 15 seconds! Hard Keep tapping 'z' and 'x' to clawing.
  5. Time up!  UFO is going home. Did you get any doll? 


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